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20-21.10.2014, Brussels - ICT Technology Network cluster attending the Cluster conference in Brussels

Objavljeno v četrtek, 09. oktober 2014

ICT Technology Network Institute, a Slovenian ICT tripple helix cluster will actively participate at the Cluster Conference 2014 in Brussels. The aim of participation is establishing new connections and continued cooperation with the existing partner clusters. IC T Technology Network will especialy promote an search for opportunities in particular vertical and emerging industries Smart healthcare and wellbeing, Smart logistics and supply chain, Smart home and buildings, Smart factories and Smart cities, rural broadband internet and infrastructure and Internet of Things.

Ljubljana, 9.10.2014


During the October 20-21, 2014 held conference participants will address the role of clusters in support of SME growth, industrial renewal and regional structural change and competitiveness. It will gather 300 stakeholders consisting of key policy-makers from the European, national and regional authorities, practitioners and high-level speakers from academia and industry to discuss latest trends and challenges for modern cluster policies and to identify priority areas for a new European Cluster Strategy for Growth.

The prosperity of the European Union relies on its ability to provide SMEs and industry with a favourable business environment and customised support to unlock growth opportunities. Stimulating cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation as well as helping SMEs to access finance, new industrial value chains and to go international are seen as key drivers. The potential of clusters and cluster organisations, notably in emerging industries, need to be better exploited to achieve this objective. The question of how to do this and how to team up with others will be at the core of this conference.

During the conference, the latest analytical findings and trends will be presented to support evidence-based policy-making. This will help to illustrate where opportunities exist, notably for cross-sectoral and internationalisation activities, and how they can be harnessed to help new winners to emerge. New policy approaches, tools and initiatives will be discussed to provide input on how to design modern cluster programmes that create favourable framework conditions for growth and jobs. Cluster managers and regional development experts will share their practices on how to better help SMEs in adding value and better capitalising upon new technologies, service innovation and eco-innovation.


This European Cluster Conference represents the fourth edition that follows from previous events in Stockholm, Brussels and Vienna that took place in 2008, 2010 and 2012 respectively. The 2014 edition will address in particular the following questions:

  • What cluster policies, measures and tools are needed to effectively boost SME growth and drive regional industrial change, in particular in emerging industries?
  • What trends and challenges need to be considered to put in place a favourable cluster environment that helps SMEs to unlock new growth opportunities?
  • What actions are needed for a new European cluster strategy to help regions and Member States to implement excellent cluster policies and tools?


This conference is free of charge for participants and is organised by the European Cluster Observatory, set up by the European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General. A pre-conference matchmaking event will bring together cluster managers interested in cluster collaboration.


30.9-2.10.2014, Rome - Meet IoT

Objavljeno v ponedeljek, 22. september 2014

There's a lot of noise about billions of interconnected objects: but how can they help us? how can billions of sensors help me? How can I use the data without being spied by governments and corporations? How can I enjoy the art better and travel lighter, without worries? How can my house be homely, welcoming, cozy, and saving energy at the same time? How can we move good without any harm for the environment? How can I pay a fraction of my medical expenses and have a better treatment?

The idea behind Meet-IoT, an event organised within the Italian presidency of the EU and with the help of the Italian Ministry for Research, Education and University (MIUR), the city of Rome and the Rome Chamber of Commerce, is to bring in front a professional audience some of the best advancements in the area, fostering looking-forward discussions with key players.

There will be three parts:
  • An exhibition, focusing on futuristic scenarios where innovative companies will show their technologies, and showing in a practical way how our future will look like.
  • Different panels, bringing together the most influential thinkers, to compare different points of view and to discuss on roadmaps and evolutions;
  • Hacaktons, where young talents can show their skills by solving issues proposed by companies and societal challenges.
More details about the event can be found at:

29-30.9.2014, Brussels - Stakeholders Consultation Workshop - Network Technologies Work Programme 2016-2017

Objavljeno v petek, 26. september 2014

This workshop will bring together renowned experts and stakeholders to refine ideas for future Network Technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) research and innovation that will be part of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017. Get the agenda, save the date and register by 22 September 2014!

27.8.2014, Barcelona - FiCloud 2014

Objavljeno v četrtek, 15. avgust 2013

The Internet of Things (IoT) vision is to provide a dynamic and global network infrastructure which is characterized by intelligent and self configuring capabilities. IoT is considered as an integral part of the future Internet. It is based on interoperable communication protocols in order to enable the interaction and integration of virtual as well as physical Things such as computers, smart devices, sensors, cars, refrigerators, food packages, medicines, etc. Things can be seamlessly integrated into the information network and interaction can be made through the provision of intelligent interfaces. In not so distant future, IoT will be forcing its way into every aspect of our lives and technologies including smart homes, smart cities, environment and nature, green energy, food, medicine, automotive, aerospace and aviation, telecommunication, and so on.

More details about the event can be found at:

6-9.10.2014, Brussels - Open Days – Committee of the Regions – IoT workshop

Objavljeno v petek, 26. september 2014

The OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.

Developing from the initial concept in 2003, the event has become a European networking platform for experts in regional and local development. Exchange of good practice in economic development and social inclusion, cross-border cooperation, public-private partnershipsregional innovation and community-led local development have become some of its many topics.

Over the years, the OPEN DAYS has grown into the key event on EU Regional Policy. It welcomes some 6 000 participants in October each year (local, regional, national and European decision-makers and experts) for more than 100 workshops and debates, exhibitions and networking opportunities.  In addition to the Brussels-based workshops, some 250 local events are run from September to November all over Europe.

The thematic priorities
The OPEN DAYS 2014 will be held under the slogan 'Growing together – Smart investment for people', with workshops addressing one of the following themes: 
• Connecting regional strategies (theme A): smart specialisation, digital agenda, SME support, low-carbon economy (supported by the ERDF), training and social inclusion (supported by the ESF), boosting innovation, creativity and modernization across the European industrial sector, social inclusion (supported by the ESF); urban dimension.
• Building capacity (theme B): exchange of good practices and instruments in programme management (financial engineering, public procurement procedures, performance and impact evaluation with a stronger emphasis on transparency standards, partnership arrangements). 
• Territorial cooperation (theme C): the new generation of pan-European programmes (INTERREG, URBACT, ESPON, INTERACT); international cooperation.

The OPEN DAYS could foster exchange about those thematic priorities that are compulsory for each region between 2014-2020. There would also be the opportunity to look into new instruments such as Integrated Territorial Investments and Community-led Local Development, financial instruments, the new European Territorial Cooperation programmes and the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-regional Strategy to be adopted during the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU.