Success stories

Many of developed IoT and M2M technologies have been already put into prototypes, pilots and demonstration projects and described as best practices. These are the first solutions to the major challenges addressed by the competence centre and they can be already found in the market as early stage products. Companies are in position to efficently test the early market adoption of these new products and services. These solutions create new value mainly due to cost reduction, faster troubleshooting, avoiding potential problems and ensure a high quality of service to their end users.


Solution for K-3 telecom operator

The described solution significantly reduces operator's time needed for intervention in the field to repair the equipment. Preventive warnings of potential failures are issued as result of big data and real-time data. This solution enables the detailed monitoring of the expensive telecom equipment which is distributed all over the country, thus reducing unnecessary maintenance and servicing.


The brochure is also available in PDF. Download!



Solution for Telekom Slovenije

The solution is designed for the national Slovene telecommunications operator Telekom Slovenije. It provides a significant increase in productivity in the maintenance and management of the installed expensive telecommunications equipment.



The brochure is also available in PDF. Download!



Open platform enabling  the Internet of Things solutions and applications

For all companies in various industries and sectors which plan to use data from different sensors in order to improve their business processes the right answer is the Occapi platform. Occapi helps to make easy connectivity of sensors/equipment installed in the filed and improve the integration. The core of the Occapi platform is capable of processing data in real time (event-driven) as well as for the needs of post analysis (data-driven). Occapi supports the integration of other data that do not come from the sensors and also perform data recombination.

Occapi includes simple basic as well as advanced analytical tools and modules for visualization of the results. Using the Occapi platform is simple and straightforward. It supports application development for different operating systems.



The brochure is also available in PDF. Download!

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