Occapi Platform users are telecommunication operators, system integrators and providers of advanced Internet applications and servicers.

opcomm_resitve_uporabnikiAll of them want to use the advantages of Internet-connected smart devices and sensors and to offer these solutions in the form of various applications to final users who may be companies, organisations or individuals.

The providers of new applications are challenged with large amounts of various types of data and their appropriate use. Data may be structured or not and they may come from devices or from people.


How to determine which is the right data, which data should be discarded and which stored and for how long? Which data should be processed immediately and which can wait? What rules to use for processing data? What can data (fore)tell us and how can it help us in managing both an organisation and our personal daily chores? We should not forget the importance of safety in accessing and storing data as well as privacy protection.


An increasing number of Internet-connected smart devices represent a challenge as well as a myriad of opportunities. Advanced communication platforms such as Occapi can be used in various fields of professional and personal life such as saving lives, efficient energy use, harmonised regional development, improved medical care, sustainable growth as well as entertainment and relaxation.


Telecommunications operators


Telecommunications operators use the Occapi Platform to collect additional network data from devices and sensors. Through the Platform they can analyse data in a simple manner by using typical scenarios. The added value is twofold: firstly, the more efficient use of equipment (infrastructure), and secondly, the provision of new services to business users and private individuals. Operators have their own teams which plan and prepare specific applications and also market them. Operators usually become the owners of such a platform and in order to ensure greater safety and control they install it locally in their own data centre or in a private computing cloud.


System integrators


System integrators are companies which buy the Occapi Platform and adapt it for use with certain Internet domain service providers in the field of the Internet of Things. They are experts in information and communication technologies and are well familiar with the domain field of their customer. System integrators usually adapt, install and maintain the platform for their needs (domains) such as monitoring traffic, logistics and transport, health and patient monitoring, management and use of electricity and other energy sources, management and automatisation of processes and production lines etc.


Providers of advanced Internet applications and servicers

Providers of advanced Internet applications and servicers use the Occapi Platform as the basis to plan and develop their own applications which they provide to business users and private individuals. This group of users usually hires the Occapi Platform as a service (SaaS/PaaS) to run their applications in order to avoid the high costs of initial investment in relatively expensive equipment as well as its subsequent maintenance. This enables them to focus on their customers and on improving their own competencies while outsourcing all the rest.

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