Intelligent Access Networks

segment1Intelligent Access Networks represent an environment which is usually typical for communication operators where new business models are established. They are based on broadband Open Access which requires "smart" or intelligent communication equipment. Smart equipment incorporates much more data than conventional equipment and thus enables the operator to market its equipment in an entirely new way and to manage it more efficiently and economically.



Smart home


Smart home represents an environment of individual character encompassing services related to home, individuals and the family. The most common services include monitoring the state of appliances, energy use, home security systems, video control, communication through various media etc.




Smart buildings


This segment of services enables the owners and operators of business, production and other buildings to manage the operation and utilisation of buildings, business premises, warehouses etc. in the most efficient way. This includes the use of energy as well as the quality of air and other parameters affecting people in those buildings. This segment includes smart hospitals, homes, universities, offices, stadiums, halls and other similar institutions and buildings.

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