Integration of Opcomm Competence Centre

PUBLISHED_ON Friday, 16 December 2011

Press release


12. December 2011, Ljubljana


Today, the agreement on co-operation was signed by competence centres SURE and Opcomm, which represents a formal confirmation of their previous exemplary and active co-operation.


The agreement sets a clear framework for strategic and long-term co-operation and integration of the two centres which have been collaborating with each other since the establishment of competence centres. In addition to more efficient exchange of information the members and partners will strive to promote the development of common solutions, prototypes and demonstration projects and to achieve greater international visibility and competitiveness.

The SURE Competence Centre, which focuses on the development of modern energy systems and efficient use of electrical energy, has recognised the value of knowledge and technologies which the Opcomm Competence Centre develops in the field of the Future Internet and - especially - the Internet of Things. For Opcomm CC the integration will represent an opportunity to incorporate its solutions into another rising segment - smart grids.


This represents the first such agreement and proves the efficiency of the competence centres mechanism which was established at the end of 2010 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.  Its main advantage is the integration of complementary technologies, knowledge and organisations aimed at achieving market-attractive results and international recognition. "We see this agreement as the confirmation that Slovenian competence centres have established a mechanism which will enable them to enhance the application development and commercialisation of knowledge and technologies, a goals Slovenia has not been most successful at so far in international terms," said Director General of the Science and Technology Directorate within the  Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Jana Kolar upon signing the agreement.


Opcomm Competence Centre Executive Manager Mr. Tomaž Vidonja said the signing of the agreement was an important step towards the realisation of set goals and added: "In view of the importance and role of information and communication technologies we expect that Opcomm Competence Centre will integrate with some other competence centres with potential synergy effects and common interests."


Opcomm Competence Centre:
as an open communication platform for the integration of services it engages in research and development of the Internet of Things as one of the key segments of the Future Internet. Its programme focuses on user platforms and interfaces and encompasses research, design and prototype development. It unites 4 high-tech companies and 4 research institutions.

SURE Competence Centre:
advanced systems for efficient use of electrical energy.  SURE Competence Centre represents a consortium of 16 Slovenian partner organisations (12 industrial and 4 academic institutions) oriented into development and research in the field of energy efficiency. It encompasses active networks, integrated solutions for the electricity transmission and distribution networks. The concepts are based on decentralized production and integration of alternative energy sources, energy storage and usage optimization, development of technologies, products and services for the production and sharing of renewable energy sources.

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