7. december 2011, Ljubljana: Workshop of two Competence centers Opcomm and SURE

PUBLISHED_ON Wednesday, 07 December 2011

7th December 2011, Ljubljana - The meeting was held at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and jointly organized by two mutually complementary competence centers Opcomm and SURE. Experts and professionals from companies and institutions that are actively involved in both competence center attended the workshop. 

The goal of seeking new opportunities for cooperation between two centers showed some areas that may have synergistic effects and the partners agreed to interconnect. Particular highlight is the finding that smart energy networks will be efficiently roll out to market without adequate information and communication infrastructure and without the appropriate and available services. 

Participants agreed that the key to success in particular pilot projects are planned within the framework of the competence centers. They should not then remain at this level, but should occur as soon as possible thereafter in the form of commercial products and services to market, mainly global.

Opcomm Competence Center, open communication platform for the integration of services, engages in research and development of the Internet stuff, as one klljučnih segments of the Future Internet. KC program focuses on priority areas of user interfaces and platforms and the research, design and prototype development. Includes 4 high-tech companies and four research institutions.

Competence Centre SURE, advanced systems for efficient electricity usageis is a consortium of 16 partners slovenian (12 industrial and 4 academic institutions). It's is a development-oriented research in the field of energy efficiency, which encompasses: active network, integrated solutions for the transmission and distribution network of electricity. The concepts are based on decentralized production and integration of alternative energy sources, energy storage and power optimization, development of technologies, products and services to produce and share renewable energy sources.
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