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We have introduced three key strategic processes to support and complement the activities of the Competence Centre, its development and growth. Those processes are: innovation environment, transfer of technologies and young talent incubator.

Innovation environment


is based on open innovation principles and a special innovation process designed and set up in cooperation with the Inoverzum company. It also includes best cases from the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and uses the virtual innovation environment for sharing and exchanging ideas supported by The Flowr tool. The Flowr is an advanced tool for social networking that enables the Competence Centre to go beyond the standard tools of communication like e-mail, telephone and meetings.

This enables the Competence Centre to have a better overview of the new ideas and technologies and to integrate these faster and easier into other processes within the Centre as well as into products and services at the company level. The innovation environment requires trust, value and realisation of agreements. That is why we regulated our relations in a formal agreement on the management of intellectual property and intellectual property rights.

The innovation environment of the Competence Centre is composed of partners who indirectly bring along other competence centres and centres of excellence as well as many other global projects and individuals.

Transfer of technologies


represents an important process of transferring added value in the form of assets and knowledge to the companies and the market. With the establishment of the innovation portfolio we ensured efficient management and the exploitation of new and emerging technologies, knowledge and processes that are the result of joint R&D activities of the partners within the Competence Centre. The key elements of transfer of technologies are:

If you are interested in any of the technologies we are developing or supporting, or if you have any further questions regarding the transfer of technologies, please contact us at


Young talent incubator


provides support and enables development of young talented high school students who are preparing to enter or are just entering university to become excellent researchers or entrepreneurs in the field of high technologies. It is focused on practical approaches to technologies for the Internet of Things and their application in various fields of everyday life. In cooperation with ZOTKS we have developed a programme for organised support to and management of the best and most talented young individuals.

Young talents are invited to join us directly, or within the framework of the activities organised and realised by ZOTKS. We also invite companies and organisations to reflect on how they can actively participate and establish contacts with young talents.

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