What does Internet of Things have to do with social media, marketing and sales?

PUBLISHED_ON Wednesday, 20 July 2011

things_img_9788Recently I received this question and it made me think for a while. In fact it took me more than just a while. Why? Because this is a great perspective to watch and see the Internet of Things (IoT) development and its technology implications. We can't predict the future but we can put together some scenarios and simulate them ... Exactly this is also the point of the question. With addition of more or less smart devices and sensors to the Interent of Human, we can better understand our world and make the difference.

So basically and again ... technology and connecting devices is one thing, making sense out of it is what Internet of Things adds to the future of Internet. besides simple IoT applications connecting few temperature sensors arround the globe and mapping them on the Google map together with current temperature is only the beginning. Though there are many other, much more advanced applications and even complex services available based on the IoT technology (mostly using RFID and M2M), such basic projects as worldwide temperature sensing are the cornerstones of future Internet. This is also what history teaches us ... just to recall recent case with Twitter. When it was launched mostly comments where like "Why the hack should one send less than 150 chars messages over the Internet?" or "What's the point I follow some strangers on the Twitter?". Well Twitter has become very important media channel, at least.

So the question is not if, but rather when Internet of Things meets social media, marketing and sales. I already have spoted some intersting products and applications which goes beyond basic IoT or in popular language. We've seen IoT 1.0. We're expecting to see IoT 2.0.


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