14.11.2011, Ljubljana - Living bits and things 2011

globe_diceAccording to different sources there will be over fifty billion devices connected to Internet in 2020. In fact, three years ago the number of devices connected to Internet overpassed number of people connected. This growth is more or less going to happen. Yet the question is "Are we ready to take advantage of all these devices, connections and data?". On the other hand the sceptics would have slighty different question: "Are we prepared to defend us from all negative consequences of the Internet of things?".


Nevertheless it's up to us who are involved to make the Internet of things safe, useful and benefitiary. Now that the internet has radically changed our method of communication, replacing our telephone conversations first with SMS, then with "chats", Skype and finally with Facebook and Twitter, we are now facing new challenges. There will be sensors everywhere around us and it will be a challenge to manage, operate and control them as well as to process collected data and use it so that we will all live in a better world. Today we see already many IoT platforms and Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) systems which are the starting point. We expect development of the pervasive Internet to lead to the evolution of Smart businesses in different industries based on connected world.

Eventually it's not about devices, connections, data and bits. It's primarily about the way we use and take advantage of all these resources. It's about making sense. This is where Internet of things meets the Smart. Smart energy, smart cities, smart factories etc. We have to go beyond technology, beyond data and beyond connectivity. With the "Living bits and things 2011" we are going to discover the potential of Internet of things as technology meets society and business at once. We are going to discuss how we can actively participate in sustainable growth  while ensuring safe and convenient use of the Internet of Things in various social, commercial and economic spheres.



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