The founder and co-ordinator of Opcomm CC is ICT Technology Network Institute, a private institute established on the basis of ten years of experience uniting Slovenian ICT companies and their joint development, which recently has also been active promoting successful international cooperation.

OpComm_Skupnost_TMICTICT Technology Network Institute was established at the initiative of companies and research organisations in 2004, when some 10 initiators decided to establish a consortium. In 2010 the Network was formally registered as an institute, thus enabling all its members to work and cooperate even more efficiently.

Every year the consortium is joined by several new organisations and companies. Cooperation in the Network brings benefits to them and their partners. Small and medium-sized companies in particular find it easier to obtain important additional funds for R&D from Slovenian and EU public tenders in the field of ICT. Large companies have an opportunity to find new smaller companies and research institutions with which to cooperate, to obtain R&D funds and gain fast access to new technology and knowledge, which enables them to focus on providing products and services to their customers and on improving their own competencies. Research institutions obtain direct information from the market in order to better understand the processes and the functioning of the entrepreneurial environment, which enables them to gain, in addition to public co-financing, more funds from companies on both domestic and foreign markets.


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