Living labs

Even the most carefully prepared plan, thorough research and excellent theory can not ensure that the products and solutions we have designed and created will work successfully in practice.

livinglabsThat is why the Opcomm Competence Centre takes a pragmatic approach to research and development. Ideas are tested and checked in various real environments on a daily basis. We put into service our partial solutions and technologies, individual parts and elements of our platform as soon as possible. We place them into what is regarded as the best examples of environments where those technologies, products and solutions would work in the future. We also test them as users whenever and wherever possible. We see how they work and examine both the good and bad features of what we design and create. Our experience is transferred immediately and directly back into the process of planning and implementation.


In addition to prototype testing and open code projects, the concept of living labs represents one of the most practical processes for the fast and efficient development of new technologies, products and services. This is especially important for inventions and major innovations in high technology-related fields.

We share practical experiences in the field of living labs with our colleagues from other environments throughout Europe. We are also a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Please contact us for more information or to join one of the living labs projects.

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