Competence centre


OpComm is a complementary based consortium of partners providing a critical mass of knowledge, engineering and competencies for the development of new technologies, products, services and processes in the field of advanced user platforms and interfaces and their application in the Future Internet.

The Opcomm Competence Centre strategically connects partners from the commercial and public research spheres. Partners from high tech companies include Cosylab, Špica International, InovaIT and Globtel; those from research are University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Computer and Information Science), IJS - Jožef Stefan Institute and Alpineon. The Competence Centre is united, managed and represented by ICT Technology Network Institute (TN ICT).


Now that the internet has radically changed our method of communication, replacing our telephone conversations first with SMS, then with "chats", Skype and finally with Facebook and Twitter, we are now facing new challenges. By 2020 the Internet of Things will connect several billion of more or less smart devices, which is much more than there will ever be people connected in the Internet. The Internet of Things will not connect only smart mobile phones, laptops and tablet PCs but also the "usual" and everyday appliances such as refrigerators, TV, cars, machines, even our bicycles, clothes and keys. There will be sensors everywhere around us and it will be a challenge to manage, operate and control them as well as to process collected data and use it so that we will all live in a better world.

The Competence Centre is trying to find practical answers to the question "How to make use of the opportunities while ensuring safe and convenient use of the Internet of Things in various social, commercial and economic spheres?"

The Competence Centre is open for cooperation. We therefore invite all interested organisations, companies, institutions as well as private individuals to visit us at Technology Park Ljubljana or contact us at


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