Vision and mission



is to become one of the leading R&D centres in the EU and the entire world in the field of open ICT user platforms supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Web of Things (WoT).




is to provide a concentration of technologies, knowledge and other competencies as well as the business environment for their development and systemic use throughout the knowledge development chain, including the pre-integration of prototypes which are the basis for creating innovative and globally competitive marketable products, services, solutions and processes by high-tech companies.

We are focused on three key areas:

The Internet of Things (IoT) principle as a part of the Future Internet concept and the interlacing of the Internet and everyday objects, with numerous applications from the so called M2M (machine to machine) communication to Smart Grids in the energy field. Basically this means ensuring the connectivity of smart devices and their application to the everyday social life of individuals, groups and the community.

Data interfaces in general terms, notably the technologies providing solutions to the abundance of information/data, the need for real time processing and the challenges of information/data applicability in given circumstances, contexts and user groups.

Virtualisation and cloud computing and the transfer of applications to central environments with servers (data centres) which will be optimised in terms of efficient energy use and the required equipment, maintenance and operation. Data centres will be accessed through smart (intelligent) networks with various smart devices which will soon be found everywhere (mobile telephones, household appliances, cars etc.).


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