ictAs founder of the OpComm CC programme, TN ICT Institute has the leading role of project co-ordinator. It will co-ordinate and manage the programme as a separate and independent project. To that end it will provide the facilities, equipment and human resources for the realisation of the activities within the working package A, in line with the agreed work plan. Besides project management TN ICT Institute will be in charge of the operation and provision of the necessary external resources and services for the realisation of other activities within the working package A which encompass information and dissemination of knowledge, activities related to the marketing and commercialisation of the Competence Centre's results, international cooperation and activities related to the transfer of technologies as well as intellectual property, talent and innovation management.

Companies will generally assume the role of business and technology partners who have a good knowledge of markets, technology trends, market demand and user habits as well as competencies in the field of system integration and prototype verification, which will serve as the basis for new products and services and for the development of new, improved processes. Research institutions will play a key role in the establishment of a uniform research environment, in which they will prepare the platform and concept for technological solutions on the basis of technological trends and information obtained from companies.



cosylabCosylab will be the leading partner of the RR1 project (Smart Access) in charge of its coordination and realisation. Its R&D activities will encompass the aggregation of data traffic and intelligent access segments, relying on its competencies in the fields of real time high-performance communication, capture and distribution of large quantities of data, programming of FPGA, DSP, various microcontrollers and CPU for telecommunications purposes and distributed software systems. In the experimental development phase Cosylab will make an important contribution to the quality of integration and verification of prototypes on the basis of experience from work in cooperation with the leading accelerators and fusion reactors in the world (EU, US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea, China). Concretely it has worked in cooperation with CERN on the next generation of high-precision hard real time synchronised system (White Rabbit), and with ITER on the network for data capture and high temperature (several million degrees) plasma management.

Inova IT


inova_itInova IT is a dynamic high-tech company. Its role within the Competence Centre will focus on R&D activities within the RR2 project covering innovative user interfaces on mobile devices, and within the RR3 project (Common Platforms) covering social networking technologies and user connections. Inova will benefit from its rich experience in the fields of development of various mobile applications and mobile platforms it gained from cooperation with globally recognised telecommunication companies such as British Telecom.



Špica International


spicaŠpica International is a Slovenian leading provider of information systems and business solutions based on automatic identification technologies (RFID, biometrics, bar code) that represent an important element of M2M and IoT. Within the Competence Centre it will be the leading partner of the RR2 project, working on prototype solutions for efficient object management based on the use of large quantities of sensor data and thus turning those usual objects into "smart things". The company will capitalise on its core competencies in the field of mobile computing solutions for logistics and asset management, as well as in the field of working time management.





globotelIn the framework of the RR1 project Globtel will cover the field of network aggregation technologies and connections between wireless/mobile and fixed networks, enabling invisible transition between those technologies for the users and the possibility for creation and use of universal applications. The company will exploit its experience in the field of high-frequency wireless communication and sensory platforms in security and other fields.





alpineonAlpineon is a high tech company with core competencies in the field of speech technologies, speech recognition, synthesis and translation, voice portal applications and SMS/ electronic mail readers. In the framework of the Competence Centre it will work as a research organisation with the concession for providing public service in the field of research activities. Within the RR3 project Alpineon will play the key role in the planning and development of the sub-system for open communication platform management providing user authentication and access authorisation on the basis of voiceprint. The model developed for voice authentication will be used for monitoring presence by its partner Špica International.



feThe Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, is the leading partner of two horizontal projects (RR3 and RARE) which it will also co-ordinate, using its extensive experience managing and co-ordinating research projects. Within the RR3 project it will be the main designer of core platform architecture and open interfaces, capitalising on its competencies in the field of modern communications, especially expert knowledge of telecommunications systems, interfaces, protocols, application servers and platforms, network technologies, mobile communication, wireless technologies, access technologies and multimedia services. Within the RR4 project it will participate in the development of prototypes and co-ordinate the complex process of integrating various R&D projects into prototypes and their verification. To that end it will use its competencies in the field of functional and comparable trials and testing of conformity. The Faculty has in place the infrastructure environment including all key technologies, networks and interfaces, which will enable the integration of project results into functioning systems.



IJS – Institut Jožef Stefan


ijsThe E6 Research Department of the Jožef Stefan Institute will play the key role in the RR2 project, covering the field of sensors for smart networks. It will use its experience in the field of algorithms and procedures for determining the location of wireless sensor nodes or mobile radio stations by using data from networks and smart devices, as well as in the field of automatic configuration of radio networks and provision of location independent services. Within the RR2 project it will contribute its competencies in sensor ontology and semantic sensor networks, and within the RR3 it will work on open programme interfaces. The E8 Research Department will play a particularly major role in the RR3 project, where it will be responsible for the development of an analytical environment which will integrate machine learning methods based on data with methods based on predefined knowledge. To this end it will exploit its competencies in the fields of machine learning, knowledge capture from text/web/stream mining, analysis of graphs and social networks, natural language analysis, Web2.0 social networking analysis and semantic technologies. The Competence Centre will benefit greatly from IJS experience in cooperation and in connection with leading global companies such as Bloomberg, British Telecom, Google Labs, Microsoft Research and Wikipedia.




friThe Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, has core competencies in the field of IT. The Competence Centre will benefit greatly from its expert knowledge in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and business processes, anomaly detection, advanced data analyses, data based learning, data visualisation, computer system design and optimisation, and human factor modelling. The Faculty will play an important role within the RR1 project (Smart Access) in the conceptualisation of smart networks as well as in the research and analysis of alternative technologies for smart access. Within the RR4 project the Faculty will contribute its competencies in the field of system performance and reliability analysis..

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