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The Opcomm Competence Centre's short-term goal is to design and build the prototype of an open communication platform which will serve as the basis for the development of various new advanced services and applications for the Internet of Things.

Its long-term goals are aimed at strengthening competencies for the development of innovative products, business models and solutions for the global market, steering technological trends, increasing competitiveness on international markets, establishing long-term strategic cooperation and partnerships within and beyond the consortium as well as internationally.

The Future Internet lays stress on the applicability of services, quality of user experience, applicable value of data and content, and - in connection with the Internet of Things - interaction with the "material world", either in the form of communication and cooperation between devices (machine2machine - M2M) or as Smartgrids. This requires efficient interaction between smart user terminals and devices, contextually dependent services and the communication network.

The programme of the Competence Centre is focused on user platforms and interfaces and encompasses research, design and prototype development of (1) the application-oriented platform with open interfaces to support smart services and smart networks, (2) distributed intelligence at the edge of broadband network and (3) advanced services and applications for object management. Solutions (2) and (3) are based on the Opcomm open interface user platform.

The Competence Centre develops knowledge, technologies and processes which will - in the medium term - provide solutions for three key challenges and problematic issues:

the slow pace of broadband access and Internet development and consequently insufficient utilisation of the advantages offered by the Future Internet due to expensive equipment and uneconomical business models that are currently used in building networks;

an abundance of data, information and content which can not be efficiently used for individual integrated applications (smart cities, smart logistics, smart health, smart energy, smart grids, smart buildings and smart homes);

the increasing number of smart devices - by 2020 the Internet will connect several billion devices around the world and communication between devices will represent about 95% of all data traffic and data flow in modern communication networks.


Source: OpComm competence Centre, March 2011

Information on the programme/project:

Project name: Competence center "Open Communication platform for integrated services"

Acronym: CC Opcomm

Duration: 3 years, from December 15, 2010 to December 31, 2013.

Project applicant: Technology Network ICT Institute

Project co-ordinator: Technology Network ICT Institute

Public tender: Public invitation to tender for the development of competence centres in the period 2010-2013


Financial information:

Total value of the project: € 8,516,000

EU/Slovenian co-financing: € 6,398,000


Contact person:

Tomaž Vidonja

Executive manager of OpComm CC programme:


mobile phone: 040 272118

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